Saturday, January 26, 2008

Make a Donation or a Payment!

Donations by sponsors or payments by participants are made the same way for this particular team.

Sorry, credit cards cannot be used.

Write a check out to "Habitat for Humanity Anchorage"
(the sponsoring organization for this team). Anchorage does NOT keep any of the money, they are only handling the accounting. ALL money will go to the PNG team fund.

In the memo section put PNG-GV8341 and the team member's name that you are supporting. If you want to support the whole team, just put the code number.

ANY amount of donation is greatly appreciated by the team, and the families in PNG.

Mail the check to:
Leslie Bell
868 6th St
Springfield, OR 97477

Leslie is the team leader AND the volunteer accountant for this particular fund at Anchorage Habitat.

A tax deductible receipt from Habitat Anchorage will be sent to the name and address that is printed on the check. Make sure the address is current! If you do not receive a receipt, contact Leslie at or the team member that you are supporting to make sure the check was received.

Thank you!

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