Friday, January 25, 2008

PNG Habitat House Construction

A typical Habitat house in PNG is made of timber with a corrugated metal sheet roof. Due to heavy rains, the house is raised on stilts a meter or more off the ground to keep it dry. The area under the house is used for storage, community gatherings and livestock. Habitat encourages home partners to cut and mill their own timber from their own land. To ensure sustainability, Habitat has developed a reforestation project; two trees are planted for every tree used for a Habitat house. Note hand tools being used in pictures, as there is no electricity (kerosene is the fuel used for lanterns at night!) Four types of Habitat houses are being built in Papua New Guinea. The first type, at 33 sq. m. in size, is a one-bedroom structure; a two-bedroom house is 37 sq. m. in size while a three or four-bedroom home is largest at 48 sq. m. The average monthly repayment per house is US$15.50 and the average mortgage period is 20 years.

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